I spent over a year looking for my next pitbull pup. As an experienced owner of five previous pitbull’s (including involvement in Personal Protection, Search and Rescue and Obedience trial competitions) I knew what I was looking for but it was hard to find. The breeders dogs had to be beautiful and structurally correct with stable friendly temperaments (some breeders dogs are overly aggressive or even timid) and also be health screened for hip and elbow dysplasia of course but also the much less tested for DM (out of all the breeders I looked at only a very few DM tested their dogs). In Premium pitbull Puppies I found all my requirements: beautiful friendly dogs with over and above health screenings. The Premium pitbull Puppies pup I have now (Roman out of the R litter aka Gryphon) was well worth the wait! Thank you !
J Smith
South Dakota
Isla has been an absolute joy in our lives! She has stopped traffic from the moment we brought her home up until this very day and I have no doubt that will continue. She is not only beautiful but also has an incredibly sweet temperament and a joy for playing. She is always happy to go along for the ride and meet everyone she can along the way, especially other dogs! She has doggie friends that range from 6 to 120 lbs. She is so smart and learns very quickly especially with the clicker. She is now working on protection training and thrives with the activity and stimulation it provides. Thank you for everything Premium pitbull Puppies! We highly recommend pitbull puppies!
Barbara Warfield
Hi, Just wanted to update you on Dante (Sirius). He’s doing really well here in his new home. My other dog has warmed up to him quite a bit. They play tug of war with each other, and Dante is able to outlast him even though my other dog is 6. At 12 weeks he knows how to come, sit, lay, play dead, shake, speak, and go into his crate on command. All we need to do is work on these commands in different environments with distractions, and he’ll be perfect. I’ve attached a picture for you. I love his ears in this one. Hope all is going well!
Bonnie R Jewell
My husband Jeff and I can’t thank you enough for all you did to make Ava a reality for us. Initially, I had made arrangements with you for another older puppy and was disappointed and very sad when my husband was called away for business and we weren’t able to get that pup. ( I wanted Jeff to be there for the pup’s first few weeks) I remember you were so supportive and reassuring. You told me, “don’t worry, when the time is right you’ll get the pup that was meant for you”. And you were right! Several months later I contacted you and now we have
Marcus Y Logue